Scrypta Full Node on Cloud

The Scrypta Masternodes Platform offers exclusively to Crowdsale participants a Cloud Wallet Full Node, through which they can participate immediately to the Masternode Super Validator process receiving the “Masternode Holder” rewards. At the same time participants can maximize his passive income putting automatically the masternode rewards “in stake”.

In addition, this “cloud” solution allows participants to manage LYRA digital currency from any device. Finally, two-factor authentication processes (2FA) make deposit and withdrawal processes extremely secure.

Within the dedicated official platform, it will be possible to activate Scrypta Masternode (up to 10 Masternodes Scrypta for each user).

Once registered and BTC transaction is confirmed, participants will be admitted to all Scrypta Platform’s features.

Scrypta Masternodes Platform is an innovative web app developed through the The Hub” APIs — masternode and staking hosting solutions — provided by Kalkulus.